Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GSoC status update - Porting Canola to Maemo 5

Since my last update I have managed to fix the annoying Canola bug ( #5517 is now fixed and verified. The problem was actually in one of Canola's dependencies - python-terra). As a result it is now possible to change themes, change download folder, slideshow options and possibly others (accessing these options was causing Canola to give a segmentation fault message).

The recent PR1.2 update came with some changes in X server  that affects my solution for the keyboard input bug ( #6511 ) . Clicking on a text field in Canola to activate it seems to send not only the mouse down event but also the key_pressed (enter key) event which causes the dialog to close. I'm currently talking with etunko to find the best solution for this problem.

A new "Maemo 5 system" has been implemented. It is used by Canola to retrieve the battery and wireless level. Moreover Canola will now display the level of GSM/3G signal.

Next I'm planning to integrate Canola with the Internet Connectivity library. Canola is now displaying a "Network is down" message instead of trying to connect to the default connection or ask the user to select a network.

Talking with my mentor, etrunko, we have decided to create a snapshot of the current work after the integration with the Internet Connectivity library and update the version from extras-devel. The next features that I will implement will depend on a new version of the EFL libraries, so this is the best moment to upload a new version to extras-devel.

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