Sunday, July 11, 2010

GSoC status update - Porting Canola to Maemo 5

The mid-term evalution is coming pretty soon so it's time for an update on my GSoC project. I have created a wiki page  with the tasks of my project to have a better overview of the project. 

Since my last blog post I have mainly been working on the Ethumb and Tracker integration.

Thumbnails in Canola were generated using Canola-thumbnailer. Recent version of the EFL libraries introduced Ethumb, a fast library for thumbnail generation. Canola-thumbnailer was old and unmaintained so a switch to Ethumb was necessary.

For media files indexing Canola was using Light Media Scanner. However, Maemo 5 comes with Tracker so it was a waste of resources to have 2 separate databases and to scan&monitor the file system with 2 different processes.  Canola is now going to check for Tracker's availability and make D-bus calls to retrieve information media files (pictures, videos and music).

For the remaining part of the project I will mainly focus to replace the old etk widgets with Elementary


  1. Can you provide ready-made packages for people to test or do we have to go the old-fashioned way?

  2. I think it's better to wait until the EFL libraries are updated. Then the snapshot of the current progress will be uploaded to extras-devel so testing it would be really simple.