Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GSoC 2010 - Porting Canola to Maemo 5 and beyond

It's been a while since Google Summer of Code 2010 results were announced. I will be working again for Maemo on the project "Porting Canola to Maemo 5 and beyond", with the help of Eduardo Lima(etrunko) who is going to be my mentor.

Canola it's the application with the most downloads for N8x0. The package for Fremantle it's currently in extras-devel but lots of bugs were reported on bugzilla. The aim of my project is to solve those bugs and to integrate it better with Maemo 5 infrastructure/guidelines.

Since the announcement of the results I have started to investigate the most annoying bugs. Until now I have found some solutions for the segmentation fault and keyboard input bugs. I'm planning to keep the community up to date with my progress on the project by posting regularly on this blog.


  1. thanks! Nice to see a Romanian on the n900 front.

    I am in the US. telecomgeek79 at the website.

    Canola looks cool. look forward to it.

  2. Thanks mate keep it up, canola is one app I sure miss on my N900 :)

  3. IMHO Canola is the best media solution for Maemo and hopefully also full available on desktop systems too.

    A long time there was no (visible) progress in development so it was a great decision to re-start the project as part of GSoC.

    Are there also plans to update the Canola website ( ) or at least to take it offline if nobody has time to change the content?

    I begun to collect information regarding canola in the maemo wiki at

    It's great to see that there will be progress in this project soon. Thanks! :)

  4. @jukey: deb packages for ubuntu are already available. I've updated the wiki page you've created (btw great idea:) ) with links to the ppa.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Canola rocks - but it's buggy!

  6. I really hope this goes well! Canola is really fast and looks really nice.
    Think you'll be able to incorporate an EQ? How about reducing the amount of CPU percentage it takes while running?

  7. the latest beta of Canola was so buggy on the N810 that I stopped using it altogether after relying for a couple of yeara. It was a shame, as it is a great app when it works.

    It would be great to see a reiable version back for the older tablets.

  8. @anonymous: the aim of the project is to solve current bugs, but if everything goes faster than expected new features may be implemented.

    @gaz probably some of the bugs affect n900 too, so they are going to be solved. Anyway please report any bug you find at

  9. hey mate, this link is not working, check it out

    Pls update kbinput fix ASAP TIA :D
    Kind regards
    Great work, no doubt!